Nahda Al Madeena

A supermarket that strives hard to supply consumers with the freshest and rarest food retail products is Nahda Al Madeena Supermarket.

Nahda Al Madeena has grown into becoming a very reliable supermarket chain that fully understands the daily necessities of its customers. Its years of experience in the food retail market has equipped it with the knowledge and awareness of the most demanded products and merchandises that other hypermarket chains do not have in their stores.

Armed with hospitable and customer-friendly employees, it promises to deliver an excellent shopping experience to everyone. Each employee is trained with the traits of courtesy and attentiveness so that every customer is given priority at all times most especially when answering to requests and queries. Because of these efforts in delivering customer satisfaction in its services, Nahda Al Madeena is well-recognized not only for the quality of its offered products but with its top notch customer service as well.

Apart from giving utmost focus on its customer’s gratification, Nahda Al Madeena never overlooks the significance of food safety as well. With this in mind, it ensures to maintain its store outlets well-ventilated and properly sanitized constantly. All of the products are systematically arranged so that customers can easily maneuver and comfortably shop for whatever items they need to purchase. Its frozen products are securely stored in refrigerated storages as well to keep them fresh and good for consumption.

Nahda Al Madeena’s main objective is to provide a comfortable and convenient shopping experience for all of its customers. And in order to continue to do so, it makes certain to improve its services more by implementing flexible food retail services that best answers to the rising demands of consumers.

Products and Services
Nahda Al Madeena carries a broad assortment of food and non-food products that consumers require on a day-to-day basis. Some of its offered products range from canned goods, fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, non-food products and other daily necessities. All items are guaranteed of good quality and priced reasonably.

Nahda Al Madeena continues to serve as a full-service trustworthy supermarket that guarantees to supply only the finest products available in the market.

A Nahda Al Madeena Supermarket outlet is available at Silicon Residence in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

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