Kangar Pet Shop

The only pet store that has it all – the Kangar Pet Shop.

Kangar Pet Shop is a family-owned and operated pet store that offers pet owners all their pet necessities ranging from food, accessories, up to grooming services. It has been in the business for many years already and has been recognized for its high-quality products and excellent pet services.

The pet shop is staffed with professional and very polite employees that are always ready to attend to any kind of pet service needed. They make sure to deliver whatever product or service that is required the best way possible. Most especially with its art grooming services, the employees are well-trained and experienced in conducting pet priming and cleaning.

Kangar Pet Shop takes pride in possessing all kinds of pets starting from birds and fishes, dogs and kittens, spiders, snakes, bunnies, hamsters, and more. It is most certainly the one-stop-shop for every pet concern.

Products and Services
Kangar Pet Shop sells food, cages and accessories for dogs, birds, fish, cats, and other types of pets. It makes certain to provide the best food and other necessities to ensure every pet is happy and healthy.

Some of its pet services include aquarium services, pet parties, relocation, adoption, boarding, pet insurance and pet grooming. Its grooming service package is comprised of shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, hand brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, haircut, and anal gland cleaning.

Kangar Pet Shop also has a wide array of fresh water fish and aquarium supplies. Aside from its grooming service, it offers cleaning services for fresh and salt water tanks as well. Its expert staff can do home service and finish all the cleaning that needs to get done in no time. And, all its services come in very affordable rates.

Kangar Pet Shop branch is located at Apricot Tower, Shop 9 in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

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