Medi Cure Centre

Starting as a small Paediatric clinic in Dubai over 25 years ago, we have expanded to offer specialised care for the entire family at two advanced clinics and a pharmacy in accessible locations. At Medicure, we have grown alongside you, by offering a complete range of clinical services to deliver the very best in care under one roof.

Medicure Group is a healthcare service provider based in Dubai, UAE for over 30 years. It consists of walk-in clinics and pharmacies located in convenient locations in established and emerging communities.

With state-of-the-art facilities, highly qualified medical staff and advanced medical equipment, we are completely committed to providing personalized healthcare with empathy and sensitivity, to give our patients and families peace of mind.

Our patients are seen by experts in their fields – who listen to the patients needs and prescribe the right medication to bring relief. Our clinics and pharmacy are located conveniently in easy to access locations with working hours to suit the needs of the community.

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