Burger World Restaurant

Serving gourmet burgers without the gourmet price – the Burger World Restaurant.

Burger World was conceived in 2009 and it believes that people need not just an ordinary burger to relish but a better burger to enjoy. In line with this, the restaurant offers 50 different and tasty burger combinations that everyone can choose from.

Its numerous selections of burgers are made to thrill every individuals taste preference. The restaurant’s burgers range from classic cheeseburger to striking and unique creations such as the pineapple teriyaki burger. The burgers are chargrilled to guarantee tastiness and freshness on every single bite.

Burger World’s burgers possess their own distinct taste because it uses the latest technology in preparing them. It charbroils its beef to give it the charred taste similar to the home-style taste but in a fast-food setting. And to make sure that each burger is delicious and flavorsome, the restaurant only uses high-grade quality of meats.

Burger World aims to reinvent the fast food industry with its one-of-a-kind burger meals either beef, chicken and fish, salads and wraps, and other cooling beverages such as malts shakes and floats. It offers customers a good selection of meals without straying away from its burger roots. The restaurant is confident on giving customers a fair and honest deal by delivering quality on its burgers at a reasonable price.

Clean and Green Restaurant

Burger World contributes an active role in preserving and sustaining a healthy environment. It partakes in the green living initiative by supporting and partnering with machinery fabricators that are pro-environment. It supports technology that helps reduce its carbon footprint.

Burger World also gives focus and attention to cleanliness and sanitary standards. To ensure food safety to all its customers, it follows the firmest international regulations in hygiene and sanitation to all of its branch locations.