Al Arrab Restaurant

A restaurant famed for its variety of authentic Lebanese cuisines – the Al Arrab Restaurant.

Al Arrab is very distinguished for having the best renowned chef in the neighborhood who prepares Lebanese cuisines exploding with good flavor and quality. Every single dish is prepared with a lot of tender, love, and care to make certain the restaurant meets the standards of its loyal diners.

Al Arrab knows customers demand for high-quality food that’s why it makes sure to deliver excellence at all times with its traditional Lebanese dishes. Aside from this, it also makes certain that everyone enjoys not only the recipes being offered but the restaurant environment as well.

The Al Arrab restaurant welcomes food enthusiasts with an exquisite and gorgeous surrounding which adds a more enjoyable dining experience to customers. Both dine in and outdoor seating are pleasantly and carefully arranged to best accommodate everyone who wants to have a taste of its succulent menu.

Menu and Services

Al Arrab Restaurant offers a diverse set of food selections ranging from soups to desserts that are wonderfully appetizing. To keep diners surprised of what is in store for them every single day, the restaurant smartly holds a Dish of the Day lunch offer which serves three different kinds of Arabic dish.

Aside from its customary Lebanese menu, Al Arrab serves shawarmas and tasty mixed grilled along with freshly-baked bread as well. Shisha with a variety of flavors to choose from is available too.

Al Arrab Restaurant is open for dine-in, take-out, and free home delivery. Everything on its menu is made available for everyone to enjoy most especially those at home. The restaurant also provides catering services for any type of occasion. It serves a complete party menu and even an open buffet during Fridays.

Al Arrab believes in the motto of “The customer is always right” and its staff and service crews guarantee to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.